Hardwood Floor Cleaning in Sacramento, CA

Keep Your Floors Shining

Hardwood floors are a beautiful investment to any home. Just like any type of flooring in your home, hardwood floors should be professionally cleaned every now and then to help them stay clean and in good shape. If you neglect your hardwood floors, they can become damaged.

It is suggested that your hardwood floors be thoroughly cleaned 1 to 4 times a year. This number will depend highly on the amount of foot traffic going through your home. Give us a call today to have your floors cleaned by Heaven’s Best Hardwood Floor Cleaning.

Preserve Your Floors

Hardwood flooring is not easy to install, nor is it cheap. It is important to protect and preserve your investment by having your hardwood floors regularly cleaning. Regular sweeping and mopping do wonders to keep your floor well preserved. Though over time your floor will need a deep cleaning and sealing to keep the wood in good shape and free from moisture, grit, and grime.

Areas like entryways typically see greater wear and tear than places like your kitchen. Entryways generally have sand and dirt tracked in from the outside. This dirt and grit will rub away the protecting seal on your floor and begin to damage the floor. Excess moisture collects in entryways from shoes tracking in water.

Kitchens tend to have less sand and dirt but typically have more stains, water, and grease. All these things eventually tear away the sealant and seep into the wood floor. Regular cleaning helps your floor last longer but having a professional clean your floor will make it last longer and look better.

Our Hardwood Foor Cleaning Process

At Heaven’s Best, we use a unique cleaning product that is made to specifically clean, protect, and condition hardwood and laminate floors. Our cleaner will make your wood floors last longer and look better. Give us a call today and get a free estimate on any of our services.

Why Heaven's Best is the Perfect Choice

✔ Technicians are specially trained & experienced.

✔ Hardwood Floors will Last Longer.

✔ Quick Drying.

✔ We apply a protectant finish.

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